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Hello, my name is Sai i'm 30 for the past two years I have been dealing with anxiety and it is ruining my life my work life, my social life , when I was "normal" I used to hear people say "I suffer from anxiety" but I would chuckle and think to myself they are just dramatic people looking for attention, but now I regret ever thinking that. Because it is a very debilitating mental disorder and all the physical symptoms that comes with it. It all started one night at my job (well my old job) we were working everyday not even a day off, but I didn't mind I had done it for almost a year at a previous job and the money was good so I didn't think anything of it in fact I used to thrive on being stressed and overworked and lack of sleep I felt that it didn't affect me ,but one night everything changed I am watching a Movie in theater then an hour later a Mt dew on my break it hit me a sensation I have never experience before my heart was racing, my hands were shaking I felt like I was going to faint i was pale white I called my brother and told him I wasn't feeling well to call an ambulance because I thought I was having a heart attack, but I quickly told him not to, it was about 11.30 PM and my brother took me to the hospital where they did several test ECG, Blood work and X-ray of my chest everything was normal. They didn't say It was an anxiety attack they just told me I had too much caffeine and palpitations. The second time it happened I ended up in the ER again I was at home and I felt the right side of my face going numb and my arm also feeling numb and of course feeling faint heart racing etc so I called my brother to take me to the ER because I thought I was having a stroke, doctors did some work and of course everything came back normal I had another anxiety attack they didn't mention anxiety attack the first one to mention to me that I might be suffering from anxiety and after I had my ER visits I made an appt with him that's when he told me about having anxiety he also did some blood work and ECG and it was normal. But now I have these thoughts in my head that I am going to have a heart attack or that my heart is failing what makes anxiety worse is the physical symptoms I have crazy chest pain ,tightness pressure in my sternum arms go numb feeling like I'm going to faint. Sometimes I think I have a tumor causing all of these symptoms or that my anxiety and stress will cause Me to have an aneurysm to heart attack this laps its crippling my life I have lost weight because I'm not eating like I used to because I'm scared everything I eat will give my high cholesterol and cause a heart attack at the stores I have to compulsively check my blood pressure if I go to the store alone I feel faint I'm scared I might pass out in public or have a heart attack in public. Scared to exercise scared to work I just at home all day which is frustrating my parents understandably so. I don't know what to do anymore just want to go back to how I was. What can I do? Apologize for the grammatical errors. The reason why I am writing this is I am the only one In my home earning money, my father and mother not doing any job, recently my mother had bypass surgery. And my father business is also shutdown because of loss. please give me your valuable suggestions to me to get out from this Anxiety Disorder.

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I suffer too so I can't give the best advice, but what I believe is the best let fear go. Give it to God. Keep hope and faith alive inside of you. I know this is hard, but we truly can pull through this. 🙄😇

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U just have to accept that it is anxiety u have had alot of test done so there is absolutely nothing wrong with you i suggest trying meditation or read any book from dr claire weekes or the book dare go on youtube and meditate. I hope that was some help to u.


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