Upset stomach and anxiety is a bit a funny today

Hi. So I woke up this morning I was feeling good I had my breakfast then an hour later my stomach just turns and I have really bad adnormal feeling in my stomach I just ignored it and carried on doing all my work then all of a sudden I feel like I'm going to be sick I go all through the motions of being sick but nothing comes up so I go and lie down watch a bit of Tv then it just goes back to normal feeling okay again. Now this only seems to happen if I'm walking or standing. When I was doing my work I was standing but I don't feel dizzie or anything. Could anyone tell me what this could be? Does anyone with anxiety have this problem could it be my anxiety or IBS that's causing it? Any ideas? Thanks.


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4 Replies

  • Hi, not quite the same but on waking I have something similar, just assume it is nerves, but I don't want to eat with my anxiety and depression which makes it worse.

  • But what could it be tho how can you go through the motions of throwing up but nothing comes up?

  • In my case there is nothing to bring up, if it was proper sickness you would bring up contents of stomach.

  • All of this started when I started taking champix to quit smoking. I'm not sure why it's caused this but it has :/

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