Citalopram upset stomach, feeling sick, stomach ache?

hey guys I've been put on Citalopram 10mg got a question to the people who's taking Citalopram does anyone get upset stomach when taking these pills? I've been taking them nearly a week now and if i walk or sit up i feel sick and my stomach hurts just wondering if anyone has this? this is ever since taking these pills.

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  • hi i havent tooken it yet but i problebly will be soon for my anxiety im sure its just a side affect but just to be sure i would go see your doctor and ask. but with alot of thoes meds it will have some nasty side affects.

  • Im going to take mine before bed than in the morning.

  • Catalpram was the first medication i tried. It did not hep me any. Had to switch to something else.

  • I'm still on 10mg dosage but i feel more relaxed now :)

  • just got on it not to long ago and feel better my anxiety is so bad i felt i wasent alive and couldent think properly after taking celexa its still the same but i dont pay attention to it or worry but gonna ask my doctor to be raized to 20mg

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