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Ok I am a 38 year old woman, I have anxiety and for the past week I've had an ongoing headache. Dr said tension/stress I don't believe it. I had a benign pituitary tumor removed in 2001 have had the normal headaches but none that last this long. It's in back of my head, on right side of my head, in my temple on right side. It's never in the same spot so it's really hard to explain and it's really freaking me out!! I've also felt a bit dizzy at times so I need some advice like yesterday.......I want to be normal and not have this headache. I've tried Tylenol and Motrin as directed by dr but only minimal relief....... HELP


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  • all the symptoms you've said are symptoms of anxiety. if it reassures you i get really bad headaches it feels like my head is fuzzy and almost feels like a brain freeze it really freaks me out but i know it is anxiety.. i've also felt so dizzy i've almost fallen over one time. The fact you had a tumour removed i can't speak on that, but if you're really unsure maybe go see another Dr for a second opinion

  • Ty! I just had an MRI down be may 2016 and it was clear besides obviously the scar tissue. I just don't understand how I can have a headache for a week with anxiety........ that's why I think it's something more......

  • trust me you can, i had headaches non stop and the more i thought about it the worse it got, because when your anxious you are more sensitive so you can feel it more if that makes sense? try and keep yourself busy get some fresh air and forget about it. Trust me you will feel better, try this tomorrow

  • Yep, very common anxiety symptoms, but I'd consider further visit to your doctors, just tell him out right that your not truly convinced its anxiety, ask him what he suggests you do, it's obviously causing you alot of anxiety and you need support, in the meantime my only other advice would be to checkout youtube vids related to anxiety, some of them are fantastic in providing explanation and reassurance, David Daish is one of my personal favourites, keep us posted and remember your not alone with this, we all hear you here :-)

  • Ty! Much appreciated..... the dr just keeps saying stress and tension. I've been to two diff doctors, the first said migraines but the second said stress tension so I've no idea. Ik it's not pleasant to wake up with everyday. I do feel tightness in my neck and shoulders so maybe it is idk. It's just scary to have kids and try and function normally on a daily basis with minimal relief ........

  • Yes I completely understand, its very very difficult, you say you've had tests and seen doctors, they say it's anxiety related, well that in itself is an illness, I'd be asking them what support they can offer you to help you recover, so many health professionals give us the anxiety diagnosis then just expect us to go away and deal with it! I'm actually on an extensive course at the moment that explains anxiety/stress related illness/symptoms, it's truly amazing just how many physical symptoms can be triggered by our anxiety/stress, the only true cure is complete acceptance of our over sensitized state and symptoms, but many do need that extra support with this, therapist, doctors, counselling, meditation, mindfulness, self help groups, youtube videos, books, anything that gives you a better understanding will help your recovery xxx

  • Ty!!! I guess I need to know what to do next?? Books? Which books? That'd be a start I guess. I do take Xanax but only .5 and only at night, I deff need so understanding and relief from all of this. It's not only affecting me on a daily basis but my kids as well.......

  • Dr Claire Weekes wrote books on anxiety/nerves etc, you can buy them from Amazon etc, there's also a book called "Dare" xxx

  • Hi Drummrgirl7888, It is exactly what I use to get. Multiple/continuous headaches which seem to pick one side of the back of my head as well as the temple. It is very possible to be caused from stress. There is a trigger point at the base of the skull which gives you referred pain in the temple. I would massage the knot at the base of my skull until I thought my fingers would fall off. Physical Therapy used myofascial release which helped. For pain relief (I was also on Xanax) I would use 2 Ibuprofen tablets, a cup of real coffee and my Xanax. Within an hour I would feel relief. The problem with muscular contraction headaches is that they do come back. You cannot take medication every day or you will get rebound headaches. That's when using relaxation techniques on a daily basis, both day and night, come into play. Also you can try warm compresses on the back of the neck as well as the front of your face. You will actually feel the congestion break up. As every does, time healed all. They are no longer a problem because I am no longer anxious. My best dear.

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