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When one get all these abuses for years " physically mentally sexually abused" one must learn to switch off many emotions not to get hurt time after time again. I replaced emotions that hurt me with anger fear paranoia panic some came automatically because burying certain emotions i have now realized is not the way to go

about being hurt. I have paid a heavy price socially mentally.

I was wondering can I get the nice emotions back by meditating ? Has anyone tried ?

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You know Dodo, that's some pretty heavy issues you have dealt with in your lifetime. I'm sure you realized those kind of emotions and hurt must be address by a professional. As you can see it never really goes away it just turns into anger etc. You can't help but pay the price mentally for the abuse you suffered. I believe in meditation but feel your hurt is so deep that it needs professional healing. I don't honestly think you can do this alone. I'm sorry. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone on the forum has been able to handle this on their own. Take care. Stay safe.


I've already been through all the ugly emotions and already hurt others because i couldn't cope. I lashed out badly hurt myself scarred for life. When I first cracked up it started with panic attacks and no body never heard or talked about it then. I thought i was losing my mind I was a mess and it grew so bad I tried to handle it myself and in the end snapped evenn alcohol couldn't soften the pain anymore. I am being treated now but the damage hasbeen done.

My son is moving out soon going to live 12 miles away. I hope hecan cope because he's so vulnerable thats been on my mind lately. Its a nbad area or was I haven't read anything bad about theplace in a while. I pray he can handle it but I making sure I know exactly where he lives just in case.


Hello Dodo

It has been a while since we have spoken but when you post my heart always goes out to you and I can feel your pain it comes through in your posts

One thing is with abusers is that once they have finished if we don't get help even though they are not there anymore they are still abusing us as we are allowing them and their actions to dictate what happens with the rest of our lives and they are so not worth it !

I feel meditation would help but agree with Agora1 that you need some professional help to and I sincerely hope you reach out and ask for it because you are more than worth receiving the help you so deserve :-)

Take Care x


When I told my mother she eas so narcissistic she ended up chatting to head master about her school days because he was her teacher in school nothing was done about. I heard 30 odd years later he got caught and got 6 years. I was moved next door to the other class where the teacher there bullied me bring me out in front of the class smacking me because i couldn't get the sum right.

I wish the people that judge me where I live new everything and I wonder how they would cope.

Thanx lulu.


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