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I have extreme anxiety, especially when it comes to health issues. I got very physically sick this past weekend, caught some sort of bug. Then yesterday my throat was scratchy which gave me anxiety now today it feels swollen and weird. It is probably just my anxiety I think. Should I be concerned? It sort of feels all swollen like it is closing but I think it is my anxiety causing it, has anyone else had this?


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  • Hi! from my experience you can indeed make your throat feel as though your throat is swollen ans or something in it..from over thinking about and obsessing over it. the circle of anxiety!!

    One thing to note, is your throat red inside at the back near the dangly bit?

  • Hmmm a little bit...

  • If you was physically sick as in vomited, it could be you have aggravated your throat a bit. it will calm down on its own if this is the case. another possible explanation is that you could have a little throat infection which a few anti biotics from your doctor will clear up in a few days. either way it will be ok

  • Thank you, that helps so much! You have no idea.

  • I know exactly what it's like having health anxiety. drives you mad lol no problem happy to help.

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