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Heart beat

So I noticed that when I laugh my heart will beat slow but hard for maybe 10 seconds. And today I was sat down watching something funny when I felt something different it felt like my heart was beating slow and hard which usually I'd be like whatever but then suddenly I would have 3 fast hard beats and then slow again and then after maybe 15 seconds the fast 3-4 hard beats I dunno if my heart is just doing that coz when I laugh I keep my breath in so maybe it's trying to catch up and all or if there's something wrong with it. I had tests done and everything was fine. I don't get breathless during that or dizzy or anything but it does set up my anxiety a bit. Maybe my heart always did that when I laughed but I never noticed coz now it seems like I'm aware of everything my body does and feels. I got pretty stressed this morning and got in a argument with my family badly and went to sleep anxious and angry and woke up angry too so maybe it's just the stress but I'm still worried slightly.

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Hi Angiecis22, the heart beat is affected by laughing, but in a good way. Laughing is good for the cardiovascular system because it helps bring down blood pressure as well as the heart rate. It opens the blood vessels allowing blood flow to be more efficient. It can also decrease the stress hormone.

Laughing is good for the immune system making you stay healthier. Next time you laugh, sit back and enjoy all the benefits you will reap. My best. x


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