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does this ever go away? mine started about 8 yrs ago it started with a headache that lasted 3 days my mom told me to go to doctor and it just kind of spiraled down from there on the way to the doc i almost blacked out i was irritable and parinoid they gave me an iv with some kind of medicine and i felt normal again 2 days after that i had another one. had mri ekg and eyes checked supposidly im healthy. threw the years its been off and on sometimes they r quick attacks that instantly stop once they start and other days its all day long always makes me think something is really wrong with me my doc probably thinks im a nut i went in the doc last week bc my throat felt swollen constantly cant concentrate and fell tingly weird everywhere kind of feels like my scalp is sunburned almost my vision gets blurry feels like my eyes r trying to cross i just want to feel normal again i mean these come out of no where for no reason and sometimes i can control them and sometimes i cant and all the physical symptoms make this a lot worse is there anything im not doing that i can do that will help or make this go away

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sorry it signed me in threw my sons facebook


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