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Urgent reassurance never had this before!!!!!!!

So I had a brilliant day, get into the house, my heart rapidly beats, I start feeling uneasy then my cheeks tighten. Suddenly my head all over tightens and feels like a bad is around it and am getting bad pressure all over especially bottom left and right, then I'm getting like a stabbing pain sensation in the top right where part of the pressure was when I started to calm down. I was violently shaking as were my legs and I thought I was going to die of an annhryurism. Is pressure then random pains normal please I'm freaking out worse than I ever have in only 19 I'm literally breaking down the pain scared me so much

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Go and see your GP,and explain to him or her,what you have been feeling, i am sure you will be fine,main thing is not to worry about it, goodluck

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