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Anxiety and insomnia

I have bad anxiety and I might have ansomnia I only get 3 - 4 hours a sleep for that past 3 days and I wake up every hour during those hours of sleep I feel so weak hot flashes aches and pains I don't understand what's wrong with me I feel like I'm just going to past out like Inpending doom it's a lot more I can say I also went to the docter they did all these test and scans and found nothing I hate this I want my life back

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You definitely sound like me. I'm having the same isssue. I barely get 3 hours straight then I'm up out of my sleep then it takes forever to fall back to sleep and by the time I do its morning and then I'm up for the rest if the day. I have been going through this for months now. It has caused so much more damage to my mind. I cant even focus majority of the day. I get those same symptoms you just said. I hope we can get some sleep as I realise this can be a big problem having lack of sleep.


It makes me feel like I might lose my life if I don't get enough sleep I'm so scared I hope I sleep Tonight


I went through that a few months ago, ot was awful, but it got better finally. But, it is definietely part of anxiety especially if you are stressing a lot and worrying a lot, like mind racing thoughts or heavy fear.


Yes anxiety can cause insomnia and if you don't sleep you can't cope the next day. It causes depression and that is very bad. The GP prescribed zopiclone which is really helpful but now they are withdrawing it saying it is too addictive. This is very bad news indeed. How are you feeling now?


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