Today friday

Uhg i feel alot better than ibdid yesterday but i still feel that sick sensation in ny chest and body organs its so hard to explain i wanted to go to the dr this morning but ended up falling back to sleep any way i feel so horrriable but much better than yesterday i have a head ache my insides feels weak when i breath or move im not sure what could be wrong i really need to get check but its hard with one car im trying to keep a positive mind yesterday iwas watching thatblong island lady that talks to spirts freaked me out these ppls die hecka young its scary uhg this is stressn me out i asked god to leave me here for my kids all the time they need more than anytging

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  • Totally understand. I have a four year old daughter that I love with all of my soul. And health anxiety has got me feeling like something is wrong with me and I will be taken from her . 😔

  • I know all we can do is pray i want to work but its affecting me

  • Same here. I'll say a prayer for you and I both . I know we can work through this !

  • Thank you i will do the same for as well . 😆 its weird because when i drink soda i dont get it but when i dont have caffine i do get anxiety lol i have to stay away from coffee i get decafe sucks i know last weekemd i tried it i was shaky couldnt sit down lol

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