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Breaking point

I keep having anxiety attacks one after another each more severe. Constant panic of something killing me in my head. I went to hospital yesterday due to flu they did blood work on me and it showed signs of infection in my chest which is being treated. But my anxiety about my head is getting so severe I just want to end it all, it's ruined my life, lost my job, friends, family think I'm mental. I haven't cried since I was a kid I'm literally sat here tears everywhere thinking I'm losing my mind. I was on the phone to the doctor he said its severe health anxiety. And he explained if it was s tumour people who leave it untreated usually die within 2 months. I've had these weird fullness sensations for 4 so that reassured me. He also followed up saying anyreusim if you had an Unburst one you would lose control of a part of your body completely; a burst one would mean collapsing. I'm sure I don't have either but my anxiety is literally telling me different and just making I harder and harder to believe I don't have one. I don't know what to do. I can't live like this anymore I really can't. I'm 19 I don't get why this is happening to me but being ill does give you not headaches but achey pressure like you don't want to lift it. Monday he wants to see me to set me up for therapy and medication but I'm scared always

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Certainly sounds like health anxiety and the more you think write And talk about the worse it will become

Try and get your head elsewhere with distractions.

Try stopping the internet use for a week

Try mindfullness

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Yep that link is pretty much all of what I have.... I should probably come to terms with the anxiety and get it sorted


I have the same thing happen to me everyday my dear. it's been going on for about a year and it does get better. it's hard to believe some times because you convince yourself there has to be something more wrong they had to have missed something.. but don't be scared of therapy ! it's the best thing in the world! and if you need medication then you need it it's nothing to be ashamed of or scared of.. best of luck to you dear!! hope to hear something positive soon

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