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I have had head pressure and lightheaded ness as a more or less constant companion to me.

I can function fairly normally on a day to day basis.

However recently I have been having constant feelings of Nausea.

I'm finding it hard to work with this.

Does anyone have any over the counter remedying or coping statagies to help with sicky feeling.

Thank you


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Sorry the topic was meant to say anti nausea medication.


Perhaps your gp or pharmacist could suggest something to settle this unpleasant nausea? I've found that pharmacists can be very helpful, particularly when you can't get in to see your gp, :-) xx


Before your symptoms started, had you taken any antibiotics? They can cause this stuff, and often the symptoms are delayed so you don't connect them with the antibiotic. If so, LMK, and I'll tell you some things that might help. For me Cipro and then Avelox (Fluoroquinolones) were the culprit.


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