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Advice pls

Advice pls.

I have had anxiety since my late teens..I. Now 50.

The last 9 years I have been with my partner,we have had our ups and downs but generally been good.

My partner is very outgoing and likes socialising,but I have been going thru a bad spell since March and have been feeling quite reclusive.

Anyhow,to cut to the chase we have decided not to be a couple anymore...I do think the world of her but I can't be the person she wants me to be.

Although I work I get ever so tired and need to sleep for an hour or so..I also feel too tired to go out of an evening with my anxiety symptoms.

Ant thoughts or advise pls x

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Just like to add we live together and have joint financial commitments so I will not move out for at least a year.


I understand how u feel I'm married to loving husband but its a nightmare for me each time we need to go out the only thing I think about is bathrooms and please don't laugh..yes when ever I step out of the house i have stomach pain and eventually kids are complaining that it always takes too much time to be able to leave the house...and the more I try to control it the worse it gets what I'm trying to say here is that its ok to be different but your partner has to understand and accept you the way you are.

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I too have a similar problem, my symptoms include quite severe tiredness, I just want to sleep, I've started feeling anxious about the thought of going out, find it hard to get up in the morning for work and want to take a nap in the evening too, my bf seems to have so much more energy, but my anxiety is causing dizziness and so I get scared when going out, think its exhausting having an anxious mind n body though, no wonder we get so tired x


I can't go to crowded areas like supermarket, cinema, public area, shopping mall, etc. When there are too many peoples surrounding me I will started to have difficult breathing. I will quickly go away from that area because I started to feel dizzy and I scare that I might collapse. My mind is working fast thinking of if anything happen to me who will help me because they are all strangers to me. I feel very tired and w hen I reached home I don't like going out anymore. I just need to go rest mentally and physically.


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