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Having symptoms of anxiety, trying to face them

Recently i have had 2 panic attacks, from doing research everyone gets them differently, my attacks consisted of rapid heart rate followed by shaking of the body.

I am working hard to deal with this disorder, it is easier said than done i constantly think i will have a severe attack which is the hard part... i went to my doctor about 4 times he took blood and urine and put me in a ekg, everything came back normal so i am healthy, every know and again i get chest pain and i start to worry, i try the deep breathing techniques and it helps the pain i feel is sharp pain usually on the left side of my chest, sometimes i get it in the center and other times on the right side...

If anyone else has any techniques that you use that helps you cope with this disorder please share, and also know you are not alone, i felt i was when i first had a panic attack and i talked to coworkers about it and surprisingly some have had them also i felt for me it's better to talk about it, it helps with coping

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Hi Jesus11, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. It certainly does help to express what you are going through as well as to read how others handle their symptoms. The forum helps in letting you know you are not alone. I'm glad you found us. Everyone is here to help each other. Wishing you well.

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Thank you it is very helpful

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