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New to anxiety :-(

Started suffering with anxiety a few weeks ago. Think I need help!

This has come out of nowhere. Suddenly I'm scared just walking my dogs in the park, I'm not scared of being attacked or anything so why do I feel this way?

I used to go for an evening jog but now i can't and I don't know why.

I'm jumping when I hear everyday noises which never used to bother me.

I can't wait to go to sleep at night so I'm free of worry 😞

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If you read through some of the many stories posted here you'll soon discover that your not alone with your anxiety symptoms and concerns, there are many people here who can relate to your question of "why" theres not always a clear cut answer I'm afraid, these symptoms are new to you, you will feel bewildered by it all, make sure your accessing all the support services available to you, discuss your treatment options with your doctor, and come here for added support and comfort, there's some amazing people in this community who despite having their own struggles will still try and help fellow sufferers, your not alone xxx


Don't try to figure it out. Thinking will often make things worse, so get out of your head and into your life. Distract yourself. Try the rubber band trick on your wrist: Every time you start thinking about yourself twang it.


Hi, you are not alone even tho you may feel like it right now. I've only had anxiety myself since last April and I remember being so scared not being able to leave the house for no reason it was horrible, but I took baby steps and just doing little things like going out for a coffee with my mum then coming home again,I use to hold on to my mums or husbands arms whenever we went out somewhere, but the more I went out the easier it got, now I can go out on my own. Ask your dr for some CBT sessions they really help. I had bad social anxiety and now I'm not half as bad I use to be I can actually go out on my own. You will get there just don't put too much pressure on yourself and think I use to be able to do that but can't anymore and try to run before you can walk, I did for months and it got me no were apart from getting myself all worked up and making my anxiety worse. If you have a bad day just think it's ok tomorrow is another day you are stronger then what you think. Go for little walks with a friend or go out for a coffee, being around friends and family really does help for distraction. Also it may help to keep a diary and Wright down how you are feeling, that helps too, if you have a bad day turn back to the page you had a better day and think well I was ok yesterday or the day before, I'm just having an off day and that's okay :)

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