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Today is not my day

Today I woke up fine but for some reason my anxiety I believe it's been heading up the rooftops it's not a really fast pace of heart going but I feel like weak I feel sick I just don't know it just feels different right now I kind of feel out of breath and my insides feel sick also I haven't felt like this in a while and the heart's not goingfast has to weird part butt I feel really bad and I'm just so stressed out now that I can't make an appointment with my doctor they cancelled my appointment yesterday and I just don't know what to do now I can't get help and by the time I find another doctor it's too late I believe I still have to keep the faith going in the hole but I feel really horrible lately but with God's help hopefully it's nothing bad still debating if I should work for the marijuana kind of scared at the time but we'll see how it goes how's everybody else doing hopefully you guys are doing great

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Sorry you were struggling a couple of days ago :-(

How are you feeling now ?

Did you get to see a Doctor ?

Hope you are feeling a little better than you did :-)

Take Care x

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Well i did feel better i did drink alot last night how why i have no idea so im hung over today got bruses and fell down shoulder hurts really bad im just glad my anxiety is not bad right now . Never again will i do that😕 i fought with my husband last night idk what got into me seriously im inbarest im feeling all kinds of emotions ive never been so drunk i know my limit but this time fml i did not this sucks thank you for your consern ..i hope my heart doesnt act funny 😕 story of my life today


O dear , sorry to hear that but at least you know it was the drink that has caused you to feel worse and sounds like you have learnt it does bot suite you drinking so much :-/

Hopefully tomorrow the hang over will have cleared :-) x

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I hope so too lol 😂 oh boy why me i felt like i got hit my a train lol now my husband is mad bevause i dranked all his beer lmao oooops i wont do that again lol 😊

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