Today is ome of those really bad days

I hate it i feel horriable my heart is normal but if feel so anxious and like weird fluttering it sucks i couldnt even enjoy famiky day with delish nachos kept my self busy but still i havent felt like this in while i hate lord please help ne


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  • Try telling yourself positive things like you are ok, no one is going to harm you

  • Ive tried all day its not helping 😕

  • Just keep doing it that is what my therapist tells me, are you seen a psychiatrist for this?

  • No stupid primary dr domt want to see me idk why

  • He hasn't seen you at all about this?

  • Ya but not latley all he said was to read a book and its all in ny mind

  • Well are you doing anything he has told you? It isn't easy to do it but yoi have to put in the effort also

  • Yes for me to stay away from alcohol witch its hard for me it relifes my pain or ugly feelimg but i do try

  • Any other stuff you do to distract yourself?

  • Clean read books . I use to sing but i cant wven do that any mmore

  • Well that is a start i know it isn't easy but you have to keep trying and keep yourself positive

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