So I realised how we over think everything today. Had a good look at my life before anxiety and realised there were days when I would feel bad. I had moments where I'd feel weak or faint. Get a horrible headache and I was always like "whatever" it'll pass whatever it is. Now we with health anxiety we take things too seriously all the time. Your hand will go numb because you were laying on it and we'd panic. That's what I realised I do wrong. I take things way too seriously into me. Whenever I feel faint or whatever I should just be like "whatever" like I used to be.


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  • I love that advice. You are so correct. We are what we for me to get on with the positive "whatever" mode instead of my usual freak out. Thank you.

  • Your are correct i was also like that before i didnt really care much and say it will pass and now any symptom of feeling make me think of worst case more specially because i always have a wierd unwell dying kinda feeling

  • Changing attitude towards the symptoms of anxiety is the key to recovery. Instead of reacting with lots of "What ifs'" which just adds more fear and feeding the anxiety,, react by saying to yourself "so what!" and truly mean it. Developing this new attitude doesn't happen overnight but with practice, you get better at it and begin to lose respect for the symptoms. You eventually lose the fear and the symptoms fade and disappear.

  • I did this at work today. I usually don't work two nights in a row so I'm pretty tired for my second night at work and I was do my job when I felt sooo disoriented and my vision was going weird and I felt very exhausted and I just kept telling myself "you're tired dw" and kept repeating it and managed not to panic

  • You said it perfect!!!!!!!! Yes I truly feel the same about myself. Thank you. We gotta dig our brave selves back out of us.

  • I've been telling the anxiety to F-off (not nice, right?) loudly while driving alone in my car or when I'm alone at home. It helps. I really tell it off and tell it to "bring it" because I will kick it's ass. I'm working to be real tough (so opposite of what I've been in life). It feels good to tell "it" off and throw some punches its way. I really don't like you anxiety!! I'm ready to let you know who's boss.

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