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Hi every one!!

Hi everyone it's me I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a while last night we had a few drinks or maybe just more than a few drinks kept blacking out a little bit but surprisingly I woke up fine but now I just feel like a little sick my son and daughter sick and I kept throwing up for 2 days my daughter threw up this morning my son feels a lot better than he did we did take them to the emergency room yesterday just to make sure it wasn't something that was going on because it didn't have a fever and was worried that they were throwing up so they said it's like a virus that's going on so they're doing a lot better and make some chicken soup for dinner and I'm just feeling a little under the weather I feel like my blood pressure is low or something I'm not quite sure what it is but coming to find out that my doctor clinic cancelled my appointment and they said that I can't make appointments now that I missed an appointment I think it's ridiculous and it pisses me off because they could have let me know a week ahead of time so no they told me that if I really want to be seen that I would have to wait the days that the doctors there and wait there all day until there's an opening and I think it's bull crap luck of my life

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Hi Crystal, I hope your son and daughter are doing better. As for you having to wait for an opening for the next appointment, I think this is happening everywhere now for missed appointments. They either do that or there is a surcharge for a missed appointment. Hope you don't have to wait too long to get in. Take care.


Thank u i apprecaite it . Idk why i feel the way i do uhg thank u

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