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Anxiety sux

I'm feeling bad today neck stiff,head tight as hell, body feels fiscally tired,hand tingling feeling nasty today I hate anxiety ugh.. I'm trying not to panic.. I wish I didn't have to feel any of this I hate it.. I need someone to talk to Someone who understands anxiety panic attacks. I'm sick of thinking it's not anxiety and something is wrong with me.. the way I feel is like I'm dying slowly... idk HELP

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First off, I'm sorry you're going through this. It is and can be so tough and overwhelming. To the point where you just want to give up. Trust me, I battle this all the time, so you are not alone. There's so many things you can do and what works for me is doing a bit of all these things. You can look into a counsellor to talk to to help you sort out your feelings and thoughts. You can also try going to your doctors and explaining to him/her what's going on and maybe go the medication route if that's something you're comfortable with. Also, find something that you absolutely love that calms you. It can be anything. For me, it's painting or yoga. I know how hard it is to do anything calming when your mind is racing or your body just hurts but just push and eventually when you get started, you won't want to stop. Also, if you have a family member you can talk to about this, that could be useful as well. Best of luck and let me know if I can help in any other way!


Hi Jax78, I'm sorry your having a more than a bad day today. As I was reading your post, I was seeing how one thing promotes another in symptoms. You are not dying but slowly crossing that line of panic at the moment. I've had that feeling, I've had those days. When I do, I look back and see if it is something physical I did the day before to prompt those symptoms or something emotional. For me knowing where it came from helps for then I am able to get on with my day or address the physical stiff neck which will then reduce the tightness in the head which will then stop the tingling feeling in the hand.

Talk to me Jax. xx

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I'm forcing my self to get out to day I think a lot of this crap is boredom.. idk I feel the panic coming on a lot I try not to focus on it so much the panic mode is there but not as bad only because when I feel it coming on I try my best to snap out of it ugh this crap sux ass.. my 21 year old son is living with me and my dude and I'm stressing over that he had a mouth, disrespectful and dies not clean up after his self my dude does not like the way he talks to me and my son doesn't care.. my dude just text me from work and said he is going to pay for his bus ticket back to San Antonio my son wants to go but only to do drug's my son had the butts to tell me that'syt reason why he wants to go back.. well I'm sick of stressing so if he want's to go back ima let my dude get that ticket I'm done stressing over stupid mess he has gotta learn by his own mistakes


Oh Jax78, adult children can cause a lot of stress in a family. We've raised them, protected them all their lives, we've done the best we can.

I have a little plaque in my tv room that says:

"There are but two lasting bequests we can give our children

The first is roots, the last is wings"

Take care Jax, this is about your life too. x


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