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Scared about my babies Heath !?

I'm been getting a panic attack because I'm so worried about my 9 month old , for the past 5 days now she's been not feeling good ' her fever goes on & off ' she has a runny nose & coughing now& then more in the night time also I noticed her feet sometimes gets cold so I make her sleep with socks now , her fever comes when she's sleeps & sometimes when she gets up . I've been trying to think positive but seeing her being sick just breaks my heart . Also I'm starting to notice that I'm getting sick too witch isn't helping because I have to take care of her & it's not gonna help when we're both sick😞😞, I worry a lot ever since I was a child ' has anyone else had this before with there child !?

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Looking after a child can be a difficult job for most parents especially when either of you are poorly, take her to the doctors or ring for advice, parenthood is stressful so you need to look after yourself well too, is there anyone to help out while your going through this difficult time? hope you and the little one will soon be feeling better, big hugs to you both :-) xxx

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I'm not a mom but I remember when my baby brother (i was 14 when he was born) would get sick. He used to get pneumonia almost twice a year and was prone to infections. He probably went to the doctors more than I have in a lifetime. Now he's 9 and so much more healthy than anyone in our house. I know you're a parent and it can be concerning but children have pretty weak immune systems and getting sick is a good thing sometimes so their bodies can build immunity. Best of luck!


Put your mind at rest and seek medical advice...

Your biggest task is to try not to pass on your anxiety to your child, they watch and mimick their parents...try to be calm in front of them

Best wishes

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