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Anxiety update

Hey guys,

So it's day 5 of going off 20mg prozac cold turkey, after being on it for around 6 weeks.

So far so good, yeah the muscle twitching blah blah is still there but have found I'm gritting my teeth less and shivering less.

Also nausea seems to be down a bit, all be it that I have started to get more gentle exercise and eating a bit more healthy and earlier before bed.

I've been assured by CMHT today that going cold turkey was the way to go.

Thing is as I posted in a previous post, I started out on 10mg of Citalopram before the muscle twitching and body jerking unfortunately began on these SSRIs.

But I decided to start taking it as I was having panic attacks daily.

Now all be it since being on medications, I've suffered some bizzare physical side effects and alot insomnia, and panic disorder turned into GAD, which have led me to come off it as advised, I'm just a bit worried the panic attacks will return as they were, though no signs of that yet.

Before I would feel highly unbalanced/dizzy and heart would pound away and had the impending doom/about to die sensation every time and it would come whenever outside pretty much.

Obviously I don't want these sensations to return and have to start on medication all over again, I'm already signed off work and trying to get back to work.

What's my chances? Any tips?

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I didn't think going cold turkey from prozac was advisable? I'm on it too and have always been reminded to never just stop taking it, mind you having said that everyone is different I suppose, it's nice to hear your feelling ok :-)


Yeah I was a bit surprised also but they said seeing as I haven't been on it a great deal of time and given all the muscle spasms etc I been having on it they said get off and get off now haha.

My main concern is will my. Panic attacks return?


Could do I'm afraid 😳


A fair amount of people have told me that they won't, but I've got the CMHT on board.


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