Does anyone else feel this way?

When I wake up in the morning I normally drink about 2 cups of coffee and have a few cigarette's. I am a smoker and have been for about 5 years. I also am a big coffee drinker and normally drink coffee all day long up until I go to bed. But I have stopped that and normally only have 1-3 cups in the morning. Now I get the feeling of being hungry about 2 hours after I wake up and drink my coffee. But the only problem is when I get hungry I don't feel like eating. Like nothing sounds good to me. Nothing at all. For some reason i have a thing now with food. Its like my body is hungry but I don't like to eat. I literally force it down and sometimes I even start gagging. Now I'm not normally like that all day its just in the morning when I have to have my first meal. At night I feel like I could eat non stop. But I always am a lot calmer at night knowing the day is over. Its so hard to explain


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  • Oh yeah my weight a month ago was 113 pounds. And I actually looked good and healthy. Now i am down to 98 pounds and feel like I am always checking my weight.. When does all this stop. It is something every single day and I can't stand it. I take my meds like I am supposed to and they do help but my oh my when does it stop

  • I don't know about the eating side of it . I'm the opposite I will eat everything in sight on bad days . I don't smoke but if I don't have coffee when I wake up I'm useless for the day . I usually have 2 cups when I get up and possibly another 1-2 throughout the day :s

  • Hi. I use to drink coffee all day. I have no issue in saying I went to see a therapist when first diagnosed with health anxiety. I used to drink 5 coffees a day with at least 3 before 12. I was told to slowly cut it down as this wakes up the body and the feels around anxiety. I now have one when I get up and one in the afternoon. As for food. I feel hungry and that I should eat but some times I'm worried as my body feels strange and I have issues swallowing ( been told that this is to do with the anxiety)

  • I also to have a hard time swallowing at times. I also feel like since I started my new medication I feel kinda off and feel a little dizzy at times. But most days I just lay around and I think now that I have started to push myself a little more to do things and to not be afraid of everything that I actually get up and do things. Morning are the worst for me. I feel like I wake up and my mind is already scanning my body to see what is wrong. I literally talk myself into things at times thinking stuff is wrong. When I'm busy or my mind is distracted most of the pains I feel in my body aren't really there. Anxiety is seriously such a nasty thing. It plays so many tricks on me. My mood is also up and down up and down. And I think that is the worst part. I could be having a good day and ill get a little pain in my chest or stomach and it just knocks me down. Even though I have explanations from doctors as to why my body is sore. But I can say (knock on wood) that I have been dealing with things a lot better. Especially with the support from my family and this site and everyone who takes the time to read and comment back.. Thank you!

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