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Trying to feel normal?

I feel as if I am looking at everything in a strange way. I have no eye problems but I feel as if everything is so close to me and I panic and panic. Sometimes I feel like I'm not in control of my body, such like I feel like I don't work properly? I feel claustrophobic and I prefer to calm down alone. But it doesn't always help. Some days I feel okay and I look at things normally but some days I look and things or people and they just feel different to normal.. I don't know anymore.. can anyone help me, I'm 17 years old

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I also get this to then a get sore head my main symptoms and fear is that a think am going to die all the time scary

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Hi there,

I am sorry you feel this way. I used to have panic attacks and I am having health anxiety now. And, the way you are feeling...I had that too.

Apart from the fact that anxieties and panics are nasty things which can make you very miserable...they are not life threatening. However, you need to see the doctor and describe how you feel etc. These things do not just go away unless you do something about it. I was given beta-blockers at first. Then, I was assigned to counselling. I also went to a shrink as counselling helped me to learn techniques to stop a panic but it did not help me to get rid of them completely.

So, please do not panic about you having panic attacks and just see a doctor. This feeling is horrendous and God I know exactly how you feel. But there is help available and you will be able to go through it! Good luck and stay strong xx

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A have been to doctors thay said a dont need medication as it will pass its self like it did 2 years ago medication makes me worse a think it will just pass due to the fact a lost a baby 6 weeks ago its starting to go away as am just letting it be there as a no am not going to die and anxiety cant kill u so am fine had blood cheeked nothing showing so am ok just hard to cope sometimes


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