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Does anyone else experience this? Whenever I'm in a room with a bright light my eyes go weird. Like fuzzy and I feel disoriented and whoever is talking to me at the time I can't seem to focus on them. In my room I hardly ever have my light on and usually just put the lamp on as the bright one I hate it. Is it anxiety or anything else? I'm worried it could be a stroke or a brain tumour.


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  • Yes, that is very common with anxiety, especially with bright lights and fluorescent lights, that's why a lot of us feel very anxious at malls and grocery stores - everything is fluorescent there!

  • Oh wow I never knew this was probably one of the reasons why it's so hard to go in grocery stores now. But yes I definitely start to feel anxiety kick in when I go to shop

  • Going into stores usually is when it's bad for me

  • Angiecis22, I'm the same as you, I use soft lightening in my home. Lamp lights. I find it difficult to drive in the sun (even with sunglasses on) I'm probably one of the few people who loves a rainy day because of that. Being on the computer makes my eyes blurry because of the bright light of the computer screen. Stores use to bother me but not any longer. I guess I have gotten use to it. In my home though, I do have room darkeners on my tv room windows. I never worry about a stroke or brain tumor because of that. x

  • I enjoy rainy weather too! I hate it when it's sunny coz it's too bright. I'm glad I'm not the only one tho that experiences this as it makes me worry less

  • Angie, I remember my mom coming over and pulling the window darkeners off, saying let the sunshine in. You are acting like a vampire in the dark. You are certainly not alone.. x

  • Hi Angie, it may be a good idea to have your eyes tested rather than put it down to anxiety. Yes that could be the reason for sure but getting them tested would rule out anything wrong with your vision. Just an idea 👍

  • I had them tested 3 months ago actually as it's something my opticians offer me yearly and they said everything is perfect

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