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Does anyone else find that any little problem can trigger their anxiety?

Hi all. I've got a really sore foot at the moment and I am struggling to walk. When I lay down and the pain subsides I start worrying about my original problem that caused my anxiety (my heart) is this normal, I imagine it is, suppose that's what anxiety is. It's very frustrating though having a sore foot and worrying about my heart as a result.

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If we suffer from anxiety anything can set us off - even seemingly normal thoughts like feeling a bit tired / dizzy / grumpy or someone looking at us funny - it's our mind and automatic thoughts that take us to that same place of discomfort - next time you feel anxious try and remember the thought that first set it off and then examine that thought - put it in a little cloud and look at it and maybe give it a colour...then say hi to that thought and ask it to be your that every time you feel anxious - slowly you will begin to know your 'trigger' thoughts and you will become friends with them...when they next appear say 'hello' and welcome them with an open door...they will slowly become less and less powerful because you will come to realise they are just part of have a million thoughts all the time and most of them you won't even's just that some thoughts will trigger this uneasy feeling and take you to a bad place...if you practise that you will get better....

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Really nice idea


Yes, every single sensation in my body gives me anxiety. Exhausting. I let it pass, and I remeber I have a severe anxiety disorder. It's not always easy though...sometimes one sensation sets off more. Hang in there it will pass if you let it. I am having a tough day with that myself.


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