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My feelings

Hi I need to ask u something . I have a boyfriend and we don't see eachother and was wondering if I should ask him to be friends. I was watching a video on YouTube and I was thinking about dating a girl . I know it sounds weird but I just have panic attacks when I am home with my dad and sometimes I don't panick so I need your advice about what to do about this

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Why do you think dating a girl would make a difference to your panic? I'm just curious as to how you've come to think this? I'm not being judgmental or offensive so please don't think anything like that, I'm not not sure I understand your questions fully? xxx


I was just venting because nobody listens to me and I feel like if I told my dad this him and his family will hat me and that makes me really scared


I'm not sure j understand either , first if you don't see your boyfriend , then yes stay friends , second why are you uncomfortable with your dad? And do you just want to date a girl to try it? Or did you mean your dad has made you uncomfortable when your with a boy? You sound confused about it . But help us to understand what's going on. lynl


my dad does not like gays or lesbians and that scares me and now I want to tell him but I think that him and his family will hate me. I have been abused by boys but I don't know if he will accept me for wanting to date a girl. I have panic attacks every time a boy says something that becomes a trigger so I just wanted to be safe than sorry. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder so that does not help when it comes to things like this


Ahhh now I'm understanding a little better scared24, sorry I didn't grasp what you were saying earlier, sounds like your having quite a rough time with all this, no wonder your anxiety isn't good, have you thought about speaking to a counsellor? I'm only asking this because sometimes we just need that little bit of support to help us find our way, you can come here anytime and vent, theres usually someone around to reply but I'm thinking you may just benefit from some proper guidance, you mentioned about being abused by boys too so there may be a few issues that need to be talked through so that you can move forward with life, your gp should be able to assist you in getting some sort of counselling, I do hope you'll consider it? you sound confused and lonely with your thoughts and problems right now, but don't despair and come here anytime you need too, theres a very understanding and caring bunch of people here who will listen, whatever you decide to do regarding your sexuality is entirely your choice, you should go with whatever makes you truly comfortable and happy, your contentment and well being should be at the very top of your priority list, don't worry about being judged, I hope you can find some comfort from joining this community and please let us know how you get on :-)

Big hugs xxx


Thank u suzie284 I do have a therapist and will talk to her next week. Everybody on this community has helped me aot to the point where I find peace by talking to other people out in this world who have similar experiences so I will let u know how things go

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