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experience those weird symptoms.I began to hate waking up in the morning coz the feeling I experience that someone is pulling my head back with dizziness that is barely leave me on my own.I have that feeking that iam not controlling my legs.I thought I had something underneath.I went to many doctors with different specializationa and all came with tge same answer CHRINIC ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION.even they dudnt ask me for brain MRI. Yet,I fear of walking alone in the crowd.I uses to he a very creative active personality but always had those two voices of me in every single moment uncontrollable.I am persuaded that my symptoms how they began all of a sudden but they kept persuading me that they r cumulative til explosion.I want to get my life back.I want me.but still trying.every hour of the day with a new symptoms lastly leg stifness upon walking.face tension and tingling that don't leave.I hope we could get better soon .


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I am dizzy all the time too. Do u have any pressure in your ears etc? X

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Maioia in reply to Need-hope

yessssssssssssss......even pain

You sound the same as me your not the only one... I have issues with my ears which doesn't help with my balance either. .. the anxiety and stress hits you when you least expect it ... the only way I'm finding best to deal with this is meditation .... spiritual healing to include yoga... reiki... spiritual healer.... these have helped with my anxiety but not with the dizziness you describe ... that's difficult but it's because our bodies are out of balance and I know an oateopath would be able to help if you can afford one

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Maioia in reply to Torz82

Thanks a lot for your support, I was just afraid as dizziness barely leave me.

unfortunately, I am not from the USA to check with that Oateopath :(

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Torz82 in reply to Maioia

I'm.from uk too ... an osteopath shouldn't make things worse. .. there would be something else underlying or not a good practioner ... but not all things suit it's just advice what works for you is what you need to find out and good luck

I saw an osteopath. Made things worse. I'm from uk x

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Maioia in reply to Need-hope

sorry to hear that :(...I just want the dizziness go away, I cant imagine can cause constant dizziness, is that possible?.my head spinning...if i look down or turn my head...intense feeling.....and is dizziness linked to leg feelings?...also I got dizzy when i talk to people or look at the computer or concentrate....Is this normal?

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suzie482 in reply to Maioia

Hi Maioia

The dizziness is one of my worsed symptoms, its there almost all the time and its terrible, even if I'm not feeling anxious this dizziness is present, Its definitely worsed symptom for me

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Maioia in reply to suzie482

Thanks Suzie for ur concern.it is really awful.anyways and as u know we are all anxious I shall be having my MRI got brain and brain stem tomorrow.

Thanks again

the talking part could be bad breathing. I notice I hold my breath alot. Yes when I move head its worse. I've had MRI and came bk normal. X

Wish my thoughts would go away to a keep thinking am going to die my times up so horrible even get scared to sleep because off it scared to plan anything in few days

Fear to sleep is a very common symptoms.try to relax before sleep as much as u can or u can consult a Dr.to prescribe u a med that can help.

Can pepole with anxiety get that scared to sleep a fell gd then a dont a just think am going to die all time so hard

Yessssssssss. ..I am already experiencing this...I hated sleeping...I am now on Resperidone

Doctor whant give me anything because a have young kids just hatd but when a sleep a do sleep but its hatd to get to sleep

I know that feeling. .it is scary...try to watch comics or any entertainment before sleep

Thats watt a try do lol

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