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My GAD doesn't fit classic definition... anyone else?

I keep struggling with this issue. I have been diagnosed with GAD. However, my anxiety doesn't seem to fit the 'constant worries about a number of different areas of your life, health, finances, relationships, etc.' I don't chronically worry about these things. The only thing I worry about is this 'anxiety'. I get physical symptoms out of nowhere, and sometimes just a sudden feeling of intense fear. I can't even describe it. I experienced it today immediately after waking from a nap. I'm not worried about anything in particular, it's just the inability to relax, always on edge and ready to crawl out of my skin. This is my 7th week on Zoloft and I have to say it is helping significantly. I am functioning again and see many improvements. However, I still occasionally get this intense sudden feeling of fear out of the blue.

Does anyone else's generalized anxiety not fit the typical definition?

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Hey glad to see the Zoloft is working better after your last post.

But yeah my anxiety is exactly like yours. Before I started having physical symptoms I didn't even realize I had a problem. If I had no physical symptoms I'd be 100% fine, but alas I guess that's just how it manifests in people like us

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Yes, definitely AnxiousAmy. There is no classic definition for GAD. The free floating free seems to be what you are experiencing. Having no rhyme or reason in why it happens. I use to get that feeling of intense fear when waking up from a nap. I'm glad to hear you are seeing some improvement from the 7th week on Zoloft. Consider yourself fortunate if you don't worry about health, finances relationships and other areas of your life. With what you are left with, you can learn to accept it and ignore it. It will lessen in intensity and finally just disappear. I think you are doing much better. x


I sufferds like you and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to label myself as if that would give me relief or a solution - then I gave up chasing that - thought about anxiety as my best friend and started living my life to the fullest 100%


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