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Can the same principles of dealing with anxiety apply to dealing with depression?

I feel like i have made slight progress accepting anxiety in the past few days, but the more that happens, the more that depression seems to take the stage. Is this normal feelings of recovery, or separate issue that needs to be dealt with in a separate way? I felt I was doing good for a day or so.. than BAM! Got knocked way back down.

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Yes they are normal feelings Its great you have had a setback because you can't have a setback unless you are starting to get better

I wish you loads of luck on your road to recovery and hope it will be a short journey

Dr Claire Weekes books I'm sure you would find great comfort in loads of advice and help in her words

All the best

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Thank you, that is reassuring. Reassurance seems to be one of the best gifts to recieve when u are pushed down by this fascinating force called "anxiety".


Yes reassurance is the hug you need isn't it I like the way you have described it as a fascinating force it is just that A really strange thing isn't it ? I look at other people all calm and relaxed being able to go where they like how they like driving,taking buses trains etc and me a nervous wreck some days at the prospect of just getting a few bits in the supermarket 😀

I know the whole answer to it is to learn realaxtion as you can't be relaxed and anxious at the same time It's like alcohol I can be really uptight going in a restaurant or whatever have a glass of wine and I'm all lovely and relaxed Nothing more has happened to me than I've become relaxed

Not that I'm advocating alcohol at all as it makes me even more anxious and depressed but do you know what I mean ? Realaxtion has stopped my anxiety

I've always found deep breathing will take away depression have you tried that ? I don't very often feel that "black cloud" now but when I did I just laid down and breathed very deeply and after 20 mins or so it had all lifted I'm a big fan of the relaxation videos on YouTube they are wonderful Have you tried them ? Michael Sealey ones are very good

Tensing and relaxing works every time for me too again there are good videos on that

There is a good video too by a Dr Harry Barry ( his parents had a sense of humour) Doctor Explains Panic Attacks that I've found is very reassuring

I hope you continue to get well

Lots of relaxation, exercise ,eating well not avoiding things and laughter are the things that get me through

All the very best I'm sure you will be able to change your name to Calmly Mikey soon

Take lots of care 😊


Fascinating, yes. The other day I was couch ridden, and I had to force myself (took crazy amounts of efforts to battle my feelings that were shouting STAY DOWN STAY DOWN!) to get up and take my daughter for a bike ride. Getting off the couch felt like one of the hardest things to do, it was like I weighed 10 times as much as I do… and I needed an invisible crane to physically lift me up and get me moving. I did it. After the bike ride I felt significantly better and I remarked to my wife that it is totally fascinating, the immense power this crap has over you if you let it… I cant believe it had me feeling so horrendous just one hr prior. It is amazingly strong, and it takes incredible effort to NOT let it get the upper hand. But I am starting to believe that the less you let it own you today, the less it is may own you tomorrow.

Also, your comment about alcohol is interesting. The other day I told my therapist how I went out with a friend the other nite and I was very anxious, I didn’t want to go… made myself go… Had 2-3 drinks and some conversation (about my anxiety and about general, fun stuff) and after an hour- I felt FINE. Knowing that alcohol depresses the central nervous system, and very much aware that I cannot and will not rely on alcohol.. I was clear that I will never make it a habit. He said that when just a couple drinks greatly improves your mood, it just goes to show how un-important your worries really are… So unimportant that 2 drinks can wipe them away. Now, I felt horrible the next morning.. But its interesting about the booze.

And, I do know of the that “black cloud” you mentioned. I had described it to my therapist as a giant, slimy, grey bar of soap lodged in my abdomen on an angle, reaching from my chest (causing tightness) down to my stomach (causing butterflies and affecting digestive system)… This bar of soap oozes negativity into my very soul. Ive been working on getting it out of there.

Deep breathing.. defintely. I have been meditating daily. I think it helps for sure. Have u tried that?


Yes it's unbelievable the power it has over us This morning I was going to a hospital appointment by bus I'm not driving far as I have a bad hip The effort it took to get to the bus stop the panic there I just missed one bus so was another half an hour to wait I could have returned home several times as I felt so anxious Then my husband rang and said his meeting had finished early did I want him to come home to take me I said yes please The anxiety immediately disappeared I felt so relaxed my body I don't think could panic anymore So I had just been completely duped by my brain Just like you battling to get off the couch

Like you say alcohol can make it go too just like that my dream would be a tablet I could take that was completely safe didn't have any effects and gave me that same calm feeling after one or two drinks😉

I can relate to the grey bar of soap

Yes I've tried meditation its very good Its funny anything that stops the thoughts getting through helps We both know what is causing us to feel so rotten but it's so hard to overcome it

We will get there


I’m curious.. when you felt the panic at the bus stop.. did you consider trying to let it be, understand it (the anxiety/panic) is there and know that it CANNOT hurt you.. and wait for it to pass? Of course, its terrifying, I know. Just dont want you to get into the habit of calling for help and getting bailed out, since we know by know that the anxiety and panic is an illusion, brought on by our complex brains sending out mass negativity, triggering our fight or flight response. Again, I don’t know enough detail about your situation… but in general, i hope you have tried the amazingly scary method of being present with the anxiety at your worst and allowing it be present and roll away… and not give it the power that it wants (to get you react how you normally wouldn’t) .. I believe this type of exposure helps get you towards recovery


That's kind of you to take the time to reply I was almost recovered and doing great and my anxiety was just a nuisance really no more and I coped really well Then in Feb I collapsed at work and was rushed into A&E with chest pains so had to take it very easy had tests and a heart problem found Got back on my feet started to do more Then in May I had a serious hip problem I literally couldn't do a thing the pain was excruciating Im only just getting well having started physio in Sept I've just been allowed to drive again which has really helped me So I'm kind of having to relearn it all again as staying indoors is the worst thing for me and could only go out using a wheelchair so no exercise I was walking every day for 30mins before all this followed by doing relaxation and I was so well I'm just beginning to walk again but can't go far So although I did give in today I was proud I did get as far as the bus stop and didn't cancel the appointment first thing

At the moment my anxiety is off the scale doing some things and rational thinking goes to pot as I know it can't hurt me As I went out I said to myself don't be so stupid!

I will get there again I'm sure of that as I know constant exposure to my fear is the only way to overcome it


“rational thinking goes to pot”- you nailed it. cant believe how it does that. sounds like you are totally on the right path, I think your positive attitude is great. sounds like you have so much to deal with- you are going to feel so great when you get thru it all!


Yes it's such an overwhelming feeling isn't it ?

I like to think I'm on convalescence at the moment 😊

I know I'll get there When I started driving again after 6 months it was nerve racking I only did a very short trip but I've built up slowly and this week done a couple of hour long round trips which I couldn't do 2 weeks ago

It's a funny old thing this adrenaline rushing through us it's there to keep us safe but it doesn't feel it does it

All the best


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