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Pregnancy and anxiety

Me and my husband are trying for baby number 2 and I'm a little worried Bc I was not on any medication with our last I had none of the problems I have now. But I don't want it to stop le from having the life I want. I'm concerned that my anxiety and panic attacks will prevent me from getting pregnant. And if it does happen is it ok to take meds ?? Has anyone been threw something similar and can give me some advice? ?

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I had a baby with anxiety and I did it without meds. I did have anxiety attacks on occasion but we all have attacks with very different severity, different ages and health conditions, and my pregnancy was unplanned so it's a different story. Not ideal. It all depends on you, your health issues, and the meds involved. We all want to help but no one here could (or should) answer that safely for you. Please consult with your doctor. You have the advantage of planning this so you can do it in the safest way for you and your baby. Good Luck!!!


Thank you I will be talking to my dr. :)


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