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Going Crazy AGAIN

Hi everyone, i haven't been on here in well over a year. Well, im back! Still facing the challenges of anxiety. This time it'slasting all day, everything from, heart palpitations, racing heart, slow veating heart, jolting out of my sleep, feelings of shallow breathing, stuffy nostril, upset stomach, loss of appetite, v tingling fingers, feelings of doom, body pain and lastly, DIARRHEA . Does any of you experience this? Please give advice. Thank you

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Absolutely yes Kenya harvey

There's a whole host of weird symptoms associated with anxiety, the list is endless, try not to focus on your symptoms but rather accept them instead, this will eventually make you see them as nothing more than your body/ mind reaction to anxiety, they will then subside, time and acceptance is the treatment, go see your gp for a check if it helps, then adopt the acceptance, don't be afraid, your quite safe and your not alone with this :-)

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Hi kenya yes I've had those symptoms before for sure the previous poster said everything right sometimesa although its hard to ignore the symptoms u must give it a try also try some soothing techniques try everything u can try i hope u feel better soon.

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