Anxiety is out of control

I have previously been on ecitralopram for my anxiety but it was escalating my liver, as I felt OK I stopped taking them and my liver test after a month is fine. I've had a mri on brain as I keep getting sparkly floaters in my eyes that was normal my bp normal and full blood test normal. Over the past two months I've been going backwards I have a heavy feeling in chest some times bad pain in middle of chest and a lot of back ache, I had a fall out with a friend and I now am experiencing tingly, dry feeling in neck and tongue my head feels dizzy one minute my heart pounding the next it's ok sometimes I'm thinking am I having a heart attack. I feel off balance when walking . Doctors prescribed me citralopram 20mg about 4 weeks ago but I'm petrified of taking them I really am. I'm 29 with three children age 8. 6 and 16 months, and a partner of 15 years I don't want to feel like this. Sometimes I think am I ill and doctors fobbing me off or is it anxiety but why does it go on all day everyday it scares me


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