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Feeling disappointed

Can't seem to shake the anxiety at all this evening. Beem going up and down for hours! Over this last half an hour I've found it's got much worse, I'm tired. Head feels strange, feel sickly, hot and cold, like I'm going to pass out, breathing differently and tingling. I've come up to bed to try and relax and calm myself, but I'm so on edge, wondering what all these symptoms are, and how to stop thinking/feeling this way x

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Sorry your feeling this way, I can relate I've had a day where it it was like a roler coaster ride. Try and take a warm bath or shower and if you can make some tea, that's what helps me personally. If you can maybe get some fresh air, open a window or go for walk. You could also play some music or have your tv on in the background. I hope you feel better.


I am struggling as well, really rough evening...i was able to calm down a tiny bit using headphones and guided meditation on youtube. My favorite is Jason Stephenson. Something about his guided medotations for anxiety really help me. Try it out if possible. It doesn't make it go away fully bit it gives me just enough space to breathe and cone back to reality. A cool, wet wash cloth on the back of the neck helps a lot too. I am sorry you are going through this, we are all in it together. I hope it gets better for us all. Be well. Try to keep calm. Thats what I tell myself.


When we have anxiety it's like a chain effect everything seems to kick In and then our super senses start to notice every little ache and pain and muscle movement and heart beat and it all seems to happen at the same time . And part of us know it's anxiety playing it's tricks on us and then the other part of us says well this was happening before I got anxiety , . Well maybe the one ache was but then it intensified to everything because the anxiety built it up like that because our mind ran wild and fear showed it's ugly head. So then u say to yourself ok I know I'm getting anxious and I know my strange feelings are because of anxiety so now I'm just going to relax cause that's all it is . And before I know it it's gone . . Your saying you can't shake it and your explaining the anxiety but then your saying you don't know what the symptoms are . Now if you could think the opposite of that you would probably be able to calm down and the anxiety would go away ok cause you know it's anxiety . Your ok cause you know the symptoms are just anxiety so your actually 1 step a head In your thinking than some people might be going threw it .. hope you understand what I'm saying. And you are going to be ok.


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