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I'm back 🙁

Hi everyone. I've tried to stay off here for a while and get my life back on track. I have been avoiding any medical sites or things to remind me of my symptoms. However I've been experiencing dizziness and feelings of falling to the side and yesterday/today much more heart palpitations. I've started to worry again that there's something wrong with me. This is something that I really had improved on. Is it normal to get lots of random skipped heart beats then it feels like a big bang on your heart! 🙁

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Welcome back!

Have you had this seen by a doctor already? If anything, if these are new things I would go see your GP first. Just to make sure. And don't worry about coming back for support, that why we are here. 5 steps forward 2 steps back. But just remember you can get back to where you were again.

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I had been doing quite well too but lately feeling lightheaded and just like crap and I'm starting to worry again too it's such vicious cycle. I feel you :(


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