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How I'm doing at the moment


How to do I've been okay I just my teeth or tooth just been bugging me and hurts so bad and my gums are swollen hurts to eat on the other side going a little bit with issues with marriage sucks I'm sad and mad all the above I have a headache too I just want to get this tooth out soon really hurts my heart beating weird lately on and off hopefully it stays away last night I had a really bad nightmare I was dreaming I was driving with a friend and something stop the car and something was squeezing me from behind like a Black Shadow trying to suffocate me and so scary I woke up so scared I couldn't go to the restroom but hopefully tonight I don't have any nightmares and hopefully this pain goes away it's going to be a long night for me

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Hi, I am sorry to hear you are going through this. May I ask if you are going to get the tooth taken out soon? Tooth infections can cause many things. Don't worry, not trying to scare you, just concerned and hoping you can get it looked at. I worked in the dental field for 11 years. 😊

Hello there um I'm not sure doesn't look infected but it hurts a lot especially when I touch the tooth my face also feels hot I'm the type of person that don't like to take medicine so I'm trying to bury the pain try to look for some remedies Orajel is not really helping I don't have bad teeth at all just it just happened out of nowhere I'm planning to get it out probably next week I'll see if I can get when I can get an appointment hopefully soon

Oh ok, good. Yeah, I know the Feeling, I don't like to take medicine either. Ok well good I am glad you are going to get it checked. Some infections are inside the gums and may need an x ray to make sure. Be well and I hope it starts to feel better. 😊

Thank you me too my heart is pounding my chest is hurting this pain is unbearable makes me want to cry I normally can handle pain it sucks so bad I just don't know why my chest is starting to hurt I don't know hopefully everything gets better and hopefully I do not an infection I'm so anxious to get this thing off

I think you might be having a panic attack. Don't worry. What you are going through with your tooth is very fixable. Do not be afraid.

Im praying tobmy dad to be by my side i hardley ask for anything from him I feel so alone everytime I tell my husband that it hurts he thinks I'm making things up just to get attention but no not men hard to understand they don't understand us like we do I feel like it's just getting worse and worse body-wise pain away I don't know what to do

Most people who don't go through this don't understand. My family sometimes seems to make fun of me, but it's not that they don't care, its simply that they don't understand. That's why it is easier to talk to people who go through it.

True story I drink a chamoli tea and hopefully it helps us it's good for cramps and stuff I also did start my menstrual cycle but I'm not hurting it's just my tooth that's hurting if it doesn't go away then no probably have to try smash garlic oil just take some time medicine I just hate taking medicine the house across the way at least for a little bit I only ate once today and I was like this suit but it still hurt I'm super hungry I pray that I will get through this I've never ever felt a toothache ever in my life as a child my mom made sure that our teeth are good it just sucks now that you're older

I use chamomile tea too. And yes our menstrual cycle can cause our mouth to be even more sensitive. Don't worry. And when it hurts to eat drink smoothies. I have a nutibullet and i make fresh fruit smoothies or green smoothies, it helps me a lot.

I am sorry, I was not trying to scare you. You are ok, try to relax and focus on breathing, don't focus on the fear. I go through this a lot too. I am sorry for your pain. It will be ok.

How are you feeling??

Ok in pain of my tooth and emotional revck how r u

Total emotianal wreck over here...can't stop worrying. But I am working on it I know it will get better. 😊

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