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Insomnia, anxiety, aches, and spots? You may just need to cut out the caffeine

I believe that I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder as I seem to suffer over minor however, recently something changed. I quit caffeine.

Last year I suffered from frequent urination when I had nothing (else) to worry about. This passed by itself. Unfortunately there was a new worry round the corner. Not the loss of job, nor the breakdown of my marriage, but I fancied someone at work. Yes I developed a crush that had caused me months off insomnia, spots on my head, aches and anxiety.

But then one day I was taking to my cousin about my insomnia and she recommended cutting out caffeine completely. I used to avoid caffeine eight hours before sleep but never thought to remove it completely. Two weeks in I am sleeping, my anxiety is gone, and the spots on my head are shrinking. Even the ashes are less.

It is to soon to state that I am cured but my crush seems to be fading. I still fancy the woman but in a normal way. But this is no longer a crush.

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