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Worried for infection

This is less of an anxiety question, but this site is helpful for health stuff so... About a week ago i grazed my knee and some other body parts. The scab on my knee fell of in thd bath after an orange liquid began seeping out one side of it. I pulled the scab off and now theres just this orange looking 'dent' with white looking blobs on my knee. The area around the scab is red/purple but not all of my knee. Should i be worried for infection?

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Hi Gg123, Well, it's never a good idea to pull off a scab when it's not quite healed. The scab is there for a reason to protect the cut from getting infected. I would clean it with a disinfectant (peroxide) and then use an Antibacterial Ointment and a bandage. Check for any additional oozing from it tomorrow. Watch for any pain, redness or fever. If you feel uneasy doing this, you might want to give your doctor a call or have him take a look.

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