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Doing Well!

Hello everyone!

Just a progress update! The past 3 weeks since my last post, I have been doing so well! I've been socialising and going out with friends, I've been going on days out and walks on my own, i've even taken up running and swimming with a friend of mine! I've been pushing myself harder than I ever have before. I'm beating my anxiety! If I can do it - and i'm usually weak willed - then anyone can do it! It's difficult but the feeling you get after you have achieved something is fantastic! You feel like you can conquer the world! I'm even off of my tablets and starting to wean myself away from my supports/safety nets. Yes I have been getting the dizziness still but I am pushing through. I'm determined! Just try and stay positive! It's like a long bus journey, but the sooner you get on that bus the sooner you get to your destination! It may be a bumpy road at times but it's all going to be worth it! Good luck people! I hope you can all beat your anxiety's soon!

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That's great Cs131193!!! So happy to hear you are doing well.

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That's great and really encouraging :)

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