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Struggling to catch my breath :(

Hi guys (I'm new to this)

For the last 2 years I have been struggling with health anxiety, I finally went to see a therapist and was put on meds and about 3months ago after so much hard work I could finally see light at the end! And I felt amazing again! Since then I've not had any of my awful symptoms. I met a new man but it has recently gone really bad and I've felt myself slipping back into old habits, head pressure, dizziness, low mood. I've ended it with his as I don't want all that hard work to be for nothing. But...

It doesn't happen often but sometimes when I'm asleep I will feel myself jolting up trying to catch my breath! It's almost like someone has winded me! Sometimes it will only happen the once, other times it might be a few times in the same night. I don't suffer from it often but when I do it honestly really scares me!

When I was going through all my H.A I did have several ECGS, blood tests and x Ray's of my chest. But I do find this really scary, has anyone else ever had this???

(Sorry for the long rant) x

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That's a shame you had to end your relationship. People with anxiety do have setbacks. It's awful because you get a big break from the symptoms and they come back with a vengeance. Just remember this is a setback nothing more, you'll get better again just like you did before. Don't be disheartened and remember all the things you learnt at therapy.


Have you ever had a sleep study done? Waking up short of breath can also be associated with sleep apnea.


Hello worried_emma, I get this to if you go to my profile I talk about it there . And others do as well.


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