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Every morning?

Every morning I wake up and im in a panic from the start. I think most of it is in my head... And then through out my day I feel as if something is wrong with my health.. And then ill get a pain somewhere and start freaking out.. I am on medication (take as needed). And I realized if I try and keep myself busy after i wake up im not as bad. But sitting here sometimes just makes it worse. Than I have a fear of going anywhere or just simply don't feel like it because I feel awful with this anxiety. I also haven't been eating right which isn't good for your body at all. I just feel like I am stuck sometimes. I try and tell myself just relax and have a good day but it is seriously so hard. I go to my boyfriends house on the weekends to spend time with his family and sometimes its so hard being there when I feel like this. Ugh. I hope today I have positive thoughts and can put all my problems aside for once.

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Your post and your words is almost similar to exactly what I just posted. I'm so fed up. It's like when I do have a lucky moment or moments in the day where I'm alright it gets struck by lightening(anxiety/my worry/syptoms/stress) and then I'm back trapped and feeling doomed. Thus cannot be anxiety doing this. Those doctors are either lying to me or they just don't know or don't care. Because they are not searching enough. I don't feel the same inside is all I know and I am tired of pretending like I can live or go on and even when I say things like that I scare myself because it sounds like death. It has even gotten to a point that everything happening around me even things I see, signs, or even just anything I feel like it's a sign to me that something bad will happen to me. I'm so heartbroken.

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I feel the same every day. Terrible. I feel discouraged to do things that I liked. I think I have bad disease. discomfort in the neck and chest.


It is seriously so hard! I try and try and try to have a good day and then boom! Anxiety strikes. But I am trying to this j positive today and see what happens!!


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