Chest pain

Hi anyone had pain under left breast like in waves it comes and goes after 10-15 minz, I've had it so many time before last 2 mins probably but since yesterday I don't know if I'm more focused that's why I feel it more, also my left shoulder had been aching feels bruised for about 2 weeks now, especially when I'm in bed and turn my side over to the right and bring left arm slightly up and over I get pain quite bad, and in the back between my blade, I'm convinced it's my heart I know it. I'm 23, bad anxiety, had ECG in May fine bloods fine, about 5 weeks ago dr listen to my lungs and heart fine... But why al this crampy pain on left side help plz x


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2 Replies

  • If your doctor has given you the all clear then it could be psychosomatic tension. Anxiety, bad posture and muscle tension could be contributing to your pain symptoms. Some relaxed breathing and meditation could help establish which muscle groups are tense and then you learning how to relax them. Speak to your GP if light exercise could help you. This will also clear muscular tension in the diaphragm and in other parts of your body.

  • I'm feeling similar symptoms! My massage therapist called it "Left-itis". She said lots of people hold tension on one side. Try a massage! And try not to focus on it too much:). I'm trying too.

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