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Chest pain

Hi anyone had pain under left breast like in waves it comes and goes after 10-15 minz, I've had it so many time before last 2 mins probably but since yesterday I don't know if I'm more focused that's why I feel it more, also my left shoulder had been aching feels bruised for about 2 weeks now, especially when I'm in bed and turn my side over to the right and bring left arm slightly up and over I get pain quite bad, and in the back between my blade, I'm convinced it's my heart I know it. I'm 23, bad anxiety, had ECG in May fine bloods fine, about 5 weeks ago dr listen to my lungs and heart fine... But why al this crampy pain on left side help plz x

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I'm feeling similar symptoms! My massage therapist called it "Left-itis". She said lots of people hold tension on one side. Try a massage! And try not to focus on it too much:). I'm trying too.

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