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Muscles feel weak/low energy/stress

The past few days I've been feeling like I'm becoming more fatigue and weak in my body as far as my strength. I can hardly walk without feeling like my muscles have been strained. I can honestly admit my appetite is still not so good. I do eat but I have to force myself because my appetite us not the same. My sleep patterns are still not so good. My sleep is broken. Im only working off of 3 maybe 4 hours at night and once I get up about 6 when my daughter gets up for school I'm pretty much up for the rest of the day. That has been my issue since July. Is this possible as to why I am so weak and exhausted, no strength? Plus my bowel movements are off. One week I'm constipated a fee times. Next week is normal, and last few days it's been close to diarrhea. Don't know anymore. The meds I take I can't really say it helps because I'm still up and down plus now more headaches and brain zaps than before I started it. Don't know if it's contribute to my appetite loss. I almost feel like I want to stop my meds because I'd rather just deal with what anxiety had to offer on it's on and not being brought on by the meds also. Has anyone quit there meds and noticed they were better or symptoms went away?

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