Before bed attacks

my attacks happen before bedtime and there is a rush like being on a roller coaster and it comes in waves followed by extreme diarrhea. These last 4-5 hours with pacing,shortness of breath and they need for someone to be awake with me. I feel them the worst when I am in a hotel knowing that I am trapped and not being able to pace and the guilt of having to wake someone up to watch me. I want someone to stay awake so I can sleep it's a race to prepare the night and make sure I am 1st to go to bed. I often want to go to a hospital and sit in the waiting room just to know that people are alive. The night attacks are so lonely they intensify the attack.


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  • Hi nighthell, you really need to have some help with this. It's more than just the anxiety, it's the extreme diarrhea which is causing you to become dehydrated. It does sound like "hell" going through this every night. Something very disturbing is going on for sure. Hope you contact a doctor and get a diagnosis and some help soon. Good Luck.

  • Thank you. Yes scheduled to see someone ASAP. Didn't have them for 4 years and now they are back but will seek help now.

  • This must be horrible ! Yes anxiety does horrible things but I think you have more than this a fear of some sort or a trauma sounds like there is something underlying this fear of sleep or bed time routine you really should see a professional because there's no way you can live like this poor you. Please get some help so you can finally have a nice sleep try a hot bath before hand and a green tea !x

  • This is exactly the way I feel. I keep waking my son up to sit with me as I think I'm going to pass out and that my whole life is about to end. I get a total adrenaline rush through my body as soon as I try to telax in bed so now I hate the time of night when it's bed time as I know this is when I always feel bad

  • Sucks big time but seeking help even though I hate medication but it's got to get better.

  • Medication scares me as I read all the side effects now. a year ago I would of just took medication without a problem but now I suffer with anxiety I look into things too much now which is not good!

  • Hi nighthell

    I too get those symptoms, I get the rush feeling badly, but mine usually happens in the morning when I wake and get up to start the day, but my symptoms are very similar and are always accompanied by light headed feelings x

  • I know I am not alone and that's comforting. I saw a Dr. and she got me on Trazodone but it kept me up until about 1am last night. No attack , just awake.

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