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Nasty taste in my mouth

I've had a really nasty taste in my mouth i felt light headed and a little dizzy likeim gonna just stumble when i walk is that a part of anxiety? All day today ive felt like everything was not real but just a tiny bit i didn't freak out at all im getting use to all these anxiety symptoms ugh just when i get use to one damn symptom i get a new one wow oh wow

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Wow I had to really make sure I didn't write this post because this is exactly how I feel today. I went to the clinic as am there I could barely walk without feeling like my legs were gonna give out. I got so scared and then I felt lightheaded as well and I had that brain sensation again like it's being strained. I sat in that place I had to walk out because I thought I was getting weak by the second and I was scared I was gonna pass out. I cried. I went got something to eat barely could eat didn't have an appetite but I forced myself and then I went and sat at a park to get out ans get some sun. But even now as I walk my legs feel weak like I can't even walk normal. And yes what taste are you talking about? Metal taste sort of? That's the taste I have. It's terrible

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Sounds like acid reflux from the upset and the heavy anxiety. I know the feeling. It'spretty common with anxiety. Don't worry, it'll get better in time. Hang in there. We are here for ya. 😊


Hi jax78

Yep, your description is exactly how I feel right now, feeling so tired now too, it just seems so never ending at times x

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