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Well I had to open my fat mouth.


So I posted earlier about how I was doing better with things. And I am now eating my words.I was in the shower today and got this god awful pain on the right side of my chest. Freaked me out for a little. Then I went to my mothers shortly after and I had this feeling like I couldn't breath. Like my heart wasnt beating right. And my arms hurt and I got this wave of pain in the center of my chest. I started crying and waited for my grandparents to come get me and take me home since I didn't feel comfortable driving over myself. I am now laying in bed with a heating pad on my back cause I have been told several times that its my muscles. I am just so sick of this. I literally feel like I could vomit. Its like my body is also stressed and sore. I took my pill for the night so maybe that will calm me down. Who knows at this point. And of course the tops or my arms hurt and it goes into my neck and makes my head hurt. Ugh I seriously am so sad. I don't even know what to say to myself anymore. I have been crying ever since I got a shower. And it sucks cause I have so much to look forward to in life but its like I am losing site of it all.

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I know that feeling I've been so unwell the last few days I have some sort of virus I think that's causing me to be so dizzy I can't even stand up I've been stuck on the sofa for Afew Days I can't eat so I'm getting weaker every day no idea what the he'll is wrong with me but because I've been crying and panicking all day today about it, my arms feel heavy and my shoulders feel heavy and weak and I'm almost 99% sure it's because I've been so fence all day worrying it's caused my muscles to ache and I'm 99.9% sure that's what your experiencing, because you felt funny and your heart felt funny you've sent a shot of adrenaline around your body which makes your heart race and jump to get rid of it, almost as if your running a race etc but your not your stood still so you notice it and then it plays on your mind, no shadow of a doubt the pain your feeling or the uncomftable side is completly anxiety related, remember it's not real it's anxiety which causes adrenaline which makes you feel phycically things but they can't hurt you and hey are completly normal!

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Thanks for the comforting words! I have been told several times by doctors that a lot of my pain stems from anxiety and of course I stress about the pain and think about it constantly and it makes it 10 times worse. I hope I can wake up tomorrow and start fresh. I also don't sleep good anymore or eat that proper anymore so it could have something to do with it. I am using a heating pad and when I touch my muscles in my back and shoulders they are really sore. Maybe ill start soaking in the tub or something to relive some of the pain.


Its like I carry so much tension in my upper back and chest and head. Its crazy at times. But thanks again!

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Hello Rissa

I hope you are feeling better since your post? I totally understand about the aching muscles but also even though it's aniexty related which it sounds like it is the pain it leaves is real!! Some days I feel about 100years old and just want to shake the pain away from the whole of my body. Baths are good help you relax. There is another thing you could try which I use sometimes is the release tention from head to toes by concentrating on each body part. Lie down tense your head for a few seconds on purpose lol. then let go do this with the neck the shoulders arms back legs then feet. It's takes a while but can help. It's such a burden for us to carry aniexty and there's no wonder are bodies are so worn out.

All the best Take Care


I really hope you feel better

It's no fun at all

I feel the exact same way


Well I am up and a little sore. The one day I actually wanted to sleep in I had to get up for a doctors appt about my gallbladder :( my body seems so sore and I had a cup of coffee which I do every morning but regret it 10 mins after im done drinking it.. But we will see what today brings.. Hope every has a good day and thanks for the comforting words. Its nice to know that people who struggle everyday take the time to comment and try and help other people. Thank you every one!

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Hope you're feeling better <3

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