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Forgetting/now I'm worried again

Does any one experience forgetfulness. Lately in the past few months maybe month but I've notice I'm forgetting things, easy things that I know I use to remember. It seems when I have a conversation and I may be asked a question or I'm the one talking I will for get something every time even if it's the name of something. Is this a normal part of anxiety or stress? I have now began to feel I really could be developing a brain disease or something is going on in my brain, lack of oxygen so now I'm gping crazy. What really made me worry and stop and say to myslef something is wrong, is last night I was going in the refrigerator to get something out and somehow I grabbed my medication off the kitchen table and put that in the refrigerator. And when I opened the refrigerator to get something again (like a minute later) I saw my medicine there. I just feel like lately I've been in scrambles. My brain is like a scrambled egg. I get mixed up I'm constantly thinking of all kinds of things. Is this normal or am I really dealing with what could be a brain disease? This is now another worry added to my worry.

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Not alzheimers etc

A common effect of anxiety/stress

It is also a symptom of intolerance to pulses/beans.. (strangely enough)


Thank you.

Intolerance to pulses? What does that mean? Forgive me for not understanding that.


When I ate beans /peas ie pulses I became brain fogged/forgetful

Tests showed I was intolerant to them

Which was a shame as I used to be vegan

When I stopped eating them I was clear of brain fog and memory good again

Wheat/gluten also has same effect for those who are intolerant to gluten.

Beans contain substance that in some people cause problems

At your age group it is is very likely to be just anxiety/worry

Wish you well for your recovery :-)


Yes very common. Losing things, leaving the fridge door open and if more severe, not concentrating driving and liability to accidents, so be careful


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