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Does it creep up when it wants

Well I don't understand. Last night I was sort of okay. But when I woke up this morning mind was all over the place. Thoughts about my kidney situation thoughs about my health, nervousness came on and then my head started feeling pressure ear felt full ears were ringing. I kept tossing and turning. And from there the I must've worked myself up. Every little sensationhad me nervous my brain felt like it was floating and I started thinking I may have a brain disease. I must have one because why does it feel so wierd. I tried to distract myslef by looking through my phone but it didn't help much, my vision seemed fuzzy, I even would look around and felt dizzy moments. Head would feel heavy then floaty, pressure between my ears. Warm sensations like a fever. My question is, why won't the doc check for all kinds of cancers when they do blood work. What if they have missed something and this is why I feel this way. What if my brain is deteriorate slowly? I feel like when they finally find something it's gonna be too late.. I just want to feel normal..does anybody feel this way?

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It's very common to think you have something wrong with you I did myself I convinced my self I must feel like this because I have a brain Tumor or something bad Anyways ! I spent weeks and weeks letting this take a grip of me and one day just decided enough is enough I'm being irrational if the doctor was genuinely worried he would send me for more tests try to relax anxiety can make you feel a whole load of horrible things

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Yes it's just the anxiety .... The feeling will pass as you say it's fine I felt this before and I'm still here ... I know it's not easy just try to go day by day


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