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How I'm feeling now

Honey there everyone won't today was going good kind of kept myself busy but I still feel like crap I try not to think about it try to get my busy all day long but that still didn't even work I bend over put some stuff away in the cabinet my heart skipping beat I don't feel good that I go up on the cabinet on top still skips a beat I am still skips a beat I tried drinking a beer to see if it helps still nothing I'm to the point where I don't know what to do I'm trying to be patient butt days can be worse but today's just not a good day I'm going through an emotional for physically I feel like I'm not enough for my husband I cook I clean I take care of the kids when he gets mad he tells me I'm no good for nothing and that stuff really pisses me off but I handle it a different way anime sister and sister he loves me he might still but the way he expresses that is not it I just feel so down I don't know if I can go any further with this relationship I'm trying my best but what more does he want I would if I were to be a man I would be happy to go to work I have my wife cook and clean make sure there's food when I come home pack me a lunch but obviously that's not good enough and then he sister and says that I complain about everything about my anxiety instead of being their I get tired of being home all day we used to have two cars now we only have one so he takes it so I don't go anywhere I gotta find another solution so I could be dependent and I wouldn't have to worry about at him but anyways I hope this goes away I sure hope so

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O dear darling x no wonder you feel the way you do if your not getting any respect and support x yes you need to get yourself better for yourself so you don't have to depend on anyone else x but you need to feel better about yourself x unfortunately you said about having a beer x that doesn't help the anxiety I've found that out x just makes everything work faster like your heart rate x try drink water and herbal teas x camamol tea is very good fir calming x you have to do this target for yourself crystal88

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